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About Me:

I learned to love the coast and appreciate the splendor of the sea by spending my childhood snorkeling and scuba diving in Puerto Rico, Okinawa, and North Carolina, I have a special appreciation of the ocean and God’s creatures.  Also having a love of fine art & sculpture, I tapped into my God given creative side in 2018, while living in Southport NC.  

Utilizing local driftwood, as well as fossilized whalebone & Megalodon shark teeth found in the coastal waters, I repurpose these decaying and discarded treasures into one of a kind pieces.  

About Driftwood:

Trees are the clocks of time on our planet. Their discarded bodies are either beneath the water or drifting towards inevitable decay. 

Driftwood is filled with messages locked within them. Prevented from disintegration,  Breathing a second life into nature’s discarded wood, making sculptures is my unique gift. I approach these discoveries with loving honesty, tenderness and restraint. Suppressing my artistic ego refraining to rebrand our Grand Creator’s original intent is not a small task. It is what fine art is, not “commercial art”.  Each piece is unique by nature.


After discovering these hidden messages, I lead you along just enough for our own discovery. These raw untainted works therefore are no longer objects but time in motion reborn.

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About Whalebone & Shark teeth:

As a 45 year veteran Scuba Diver I have collected huge shark teeth and whalebone pieces off of the North Carolina Coast, a small area about 45 miles out, at a depth of 95'.  This area is a graveyard for whales that Megalodon Sharks fed on thousands of years ago.  

Some people would say millions of years, but true science shows a very young earth (current dating methods are questionable). Large Megalodon shark teeth 2-6" sizes) are also part of my collection.


For the whalebone fossils, similar to the driftwood, I try and breath life back into these petrified whalebone pieces (rib bone,  vertebrae etc.), using diamond carving bits & polishing tools. I also mount some driftwood sculptures on polished pieces to add uniqueness and value to the piece.  You wont find any art like this anywhere!

The Process of Driftwood Sculpting
Contact Me:
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